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"This is the best heat and air company. The employees are on time, neat, and efficient. They text reminders for appointments and text when they are on the way. They even came out at night on a weekend when the air went out back in July. No one else would even consider helping us until Monday. We signed up for the twice yearly heat and air check up and we're glad to finally have a dependable company."

Mary Herron, Texarkana, TX
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Saving you, your family, & employees from extreme temperatures!

Living in Texas, we experience intense temperatures in summer and winter. Being without a suitable HVAC unit is not an option. You and your family need to be comfortable in your living and working environments. You can’t come home every day in the summer, sweltering from the heat outside, to find you feel no difference in the comfort of your own home. And you sure can’t go to work in the wintertime, sat at your desk with your winter woolies on. You need a HVAC contractor you can trust to make sure this doesn’t happen.

At Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of maintaining comfort in your home or office. An incompetent HVAC unit isn’t just bad for your general relaxation, it’s also not good for the air and energy efficiency in your property as well. If you’re finding that your energy bills are strangely high or the temperature in your home is having an impact on your happiness — don’t sweat it! We’re here to help. You can put your trust in us to provide you with quality heating and air conditioning services that are efficient and long-lasting.

If you need to be saved from unbearable temperatures at home or in your office, contact us today and we’ll send our super techs over to save the day!

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Solutions tailored to you

All homes & offices are different. We’ll make sure you get the best solution for you & your family

Customer transparency

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Upfront pricing so you know exactly what you’re paying before we carry out the work


"If you have any heat or A/C problems you need to call Neil @ Air Now. Outstanding service, was here next day on a Saturday. Great professionalism from Neil and his super techs. I will use him again, and would recommend his work to everyone."

Jason Williams, Texarkana, TX
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Is your heater making a funny noise? Are you still shivering when the heating is on full blast? If this sounds like you, you’re in need of a HVAC expert.

We understand that paying for a repair or an upgrade of your HVAC unit isn’t something you want to be doing. But you do want to ensure you and your family are comfortable throughout the winter. At Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in:

  • Heating Repairs
  • Heating Replacements
  • Heating Maintenance

If you need help with your heating, don’t wait until the temperature starts to drop  — reach out to the professionals and we’ll get you up and running in time for those cold winter days.

Why should you upgrade your heating?

You’ll be guaranteed to stay warm!
It’s true that as the temperature starts to drop, the calls to HVAC companies start to rise. Do yourself and your family a favor — don’t wait until it’s too late! You don’t want to be left freezing cold in January with a broken heat pump.
Feel comfortable with your temperature at home or in the office
There’s nothing better than coming home on a cold winter night and curling up on the sofa in the warmth of your home. But when your sinuses start playing up due to your heating unit, it’s not a good sign. We’ll install a heating system in your home that includes humidifier technology. So you’ll stay warm without irritating your sinuses.
Save a ton of bucks!
Heaters and heating technology are now more energy efficient than ever. So why have a heating unit that is draining your bank account without providing you with any real benefit? Investing in a heating upgrade will soon pay for itself and save you a ton of money in the long-run!

"Neil Gerrald and crew are awesome! Excellent customer service, super fast response time and service. Very professional and friendly. Thanks Hunter and Neil for coming to the rescue! Call them with all your HVAC needs!"

Robert Walls, Texarkana, TX
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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Have you spent the summer sweltering indoors with your air conditioning unit on its coolest setting? We’re all guilty of leaving the less interesting aspects of our home to the bottom of the list of things to be fixed. But with our Texas summers, waiting for your old air conditioning unit to stop working isn’t something you can afford to happen. Not only for your own comfort and well-being, but for your health too. And it’s also not good news for your bank account to have an inefficient air conditioning unit.

Don’t worry! At Air Now, we’re experts in making sure that your HVAC unit is functioning effectively and will most importantly, keeping you cool in the summer. We specialize in:

  • Air Conditioning Unit Repair
  • Air Conditioning Unit Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance

If you need an A/C repair or upgrade, don’t leave it until summertime comes — get in touch with us today so you and your family are set for an enjoyable summer.

Why should you upgrade your A/C?

Boost your energy savings & save a ton of money!
HVAC technology nowadays is improving constantly! So an air conditioning unit bought today is far more likely to be energy efficient than one purchased ten years ago. To upgrade to a new unit and start saving money, get in touch with us today!
Improve your air quality
New air conditioning units are available with improved filters and humidifier functionality. So you can be sure that the air that you and your family are breathing in your home is improved.
Thermostat installation
Stay on top of your air conditioning output throughout the summertime with a high-tech, programmable thermostat installed by our crew.

"We have used Air Now a few times on the weekend. They always deliver with excellent service, the technicians are always professional and knowledgeable. So glad we found a awesome A/C company to do our work. We highly recommend this company for anyone who needs maintenance, to full replacement. You won't be disappointed."

Scott Morrow, Texarkana, TX
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HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

You schedule in your car for a tune-up so why not do the same for your HVAC unit? Just like your car, or even just like all of us, we get tired and need a check-up — your HVAC unit is no different. The dangers of not maintaining your heating and air conditioning unit are:

  • There is a risk it could malfunction at the worst possible time
  • If it's not energy efficient, it will be having a bad impact on your bank account
  • It will be a major contributing factor to poor air quality in your home. Increasing the risk of allergies for you & your family

But please, fear not! We’re here to make sure that your HVAC unit is covered all year round with our VIP Super Hero Maintenance Agreement. Our agreement includes:

  • 2 cleanings & inspections a year (spring & fall)
  • 15% off any emergency repairs
  • No overtime fees
  • Same day service or your repair is free
  • Return grills cleaned every maintenance visit
  • Limited lifetime warranty on most repairs! (Doesn’t include refrigerant, compressors, coils, obsolete parts, or acts of God)

Why choose HVAC Maintenance?

Catch problems sooner!
Don’t wait until it’s too late to discover that your HVAC equipment has an issue! When you schedule regular maintenance from Air Now, you can be sure that we’ll repair any malfunction quickly and efficiently. That way, you’ll remain comfortable in every season!
Get our tune-up protection
We guarantee that if your system breaks down after we complete your HVAC tune-up, we’ll subtract the cost of that tune-up from the repairs that your equipment needs.
Experience true professionalism
As with everything we do, we want our HVAC maintenance to be the most efficient and convenient for you. That’s why we only hire the most qualified and professional technicians. Have peace of mind knowing that you’ll get the very best service, always.
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Our Additional Services:

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We'll make sure your ducts are thoroughly cleaned, as well as your HVAC system — ultimately improving your air quality & reducing any risks of malfunctions

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We'll provide you with a detailed report on all HVAC systems so that the seller & buyer can negotiate if needed

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We'll make sure your ducts are thoroughly cleaned, as well as your HVAC system — ultimately improving your air quality & reducing any risks of malfunctions

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"Neil and the Air Now crew are top notch. My experience in the real estate industry has allowed me to work closely alongside several other contractors. The communication and follow through from this company far succeeds any of their competitors. I will continue to use Air Now for my personal services, and also recommend to my clients. Keep up the good work, guys!"

Ashley Huckabee Goodman, Texarkana, TX
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Neil Gerrald, owner of Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning with his family

Find out why we’re Texakarna’s Heating & Air Conditioning Specialist

At Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning, we earn your trust — and keep it. We do this by prioritizing your satisfaction in everything we do. This ensures that we can stand behind our products and workmanship 100%. You’ll only get the very best from us.

We’re a local, family-owned company. So we only provide heating and air conditioning systems that make the most sense for you, your home or business. Your comfort is our priority. We’re dedicated to providing healthy air, efficiency, and longevity in our repairs and installations for you and your family. Our goal is to help you with a solution that makes sense for your situation and budget. A good name is more desirable to us than great riches. And we're very proud to have a good name amongst our customers — but just don't take it from us, read our verified customer reviews!

A little about our owner, Neil Gerrard: Neil’s passion for heating and air conditioning started when he took a class with Mr. Jimmy Thomas at Texarkana College in 2005. He then began his career working for Industrial Power Systems in Nash, TX. While working there, Neil worked his way up to Service Manager and was in charge of all of the HVAC operations. After three years, an opportunity came knocking with a local up-and-coming HVAC company called Aloha Aire. Neil quickly worked his way to the top and within a couple of years, he was promoted to Service / Operations Manager, where his main focus was customer service. Combining his extensive knowledge of the trade with his retail sales background, Neil was able to help Aloha Aire grow to be one of the leading HVAC companies in the area. After eight years there, Neil decided to leave and start his own air conditioning company, Air Now Heating & Air Conditioning. With over a decade of experience in the trade, and thousands of hours of training, Neil is ready to handle any situation that comes up for you and your family.

If your HVAC unit isn’t performing to its best — don’t wait until it performs at its worst! Call us today and we’ll get you sorted in no time.

we carry $1 Million in liability insurance

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