3 Important Reasons to Upgrade Your A/C

Install air conditioning in Texarkana, Texas

Boost your energy savings. HVAC technology is improving all the time! That means an air conditioning unit bought today is likely far more energy efficient than one purchased just ten years ago. So why not upgrade to a new unit from Air Now, and start saving money on your monthly bill immediately?

Improve your air quality. New air conditioning units are available with improved filters, humidifier functionality and other features that’ll improve the air that you and your family breathe.

Thermostat installation. Stay on top of your air conditioning output throughout the summer with a high-tech, programmable thermostat installed by the Air Now crew in Texarkana, TX.

Rely on our amazing expertise

Need routine maintenance or an emergency repair performed? Air Now’s team boasts thousands of hours of professional HVAC training. Put it to work for you by calling us at 903-792-COOL to speak with one of our air conditioning contractors in Texarkana, Texas.